When it comes to traditional marketing, banners are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to get your message out. They’re tough they are reusable, easy to transport from location to location and designed properly can be eye catching and get your message across fast.

With that in mind you should put as much thought and planning into banners as you do any other element of your marketing program. We have compiled this handy checklist to help make sure your banner will reach the people you want too reach and get your message across.


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What is the purpose of this banner?

 Are you promoting your company and brand, generating leads, advertising a specific product or publicizing an event?  The answer to this question establishes the framework for the overall design.

Where will the banner be displayed?

Banners have the advantage of being utilized for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The location of where your banner will be displayed can influence many of the design attributes.  Outdoor banners should be larger with a big enough font to be seen and read from a distance. You can also get away with bolder color choices, special effects and bolder images, whereas indoor banners generally incorporate lighter colors and more subtle images so as not to distract from the message you are trying to get across to your target audience.

Have you edited the content?

With a large canvas like a vinyl banner, it can be tempting to fill it up with too much information. A banner can appear cluttered and “too busy” looking.  Keep the focus on the primary message, and make use of white space for easier readability.

What material and print style will you use?

Before you decide to try and save money think about the purpose of your banner. Banners need to hold up under more wear and tear than other types of advertising materials, like business cards, brochure and flyers. A sturdy banner with quality printing that doesn’t fade is more cost-effective than multiple inexpensive ones.

Do you have a call to action?

When you want to encourage a specific action, you can’t simply put your company name and logo in front of people. Include a “call to action” with a phone number, website or even a request to visit your location or event.  Be sure it’s appropriate to the banner’s location. People who are driving by will have less time to view it than banners posted in-store or in high foot-traffic areas.

Do you have the necessary hardware?

If your banner is going to be hung outside or from a wall or ceiling, grommets are the best method. Banner stands are useful for smaller banners or ones displayed at trade show booths, indoors or temporary locations.

The cost effectiveness, portability and reusability of a vinyl banner makes it an extremely usefultool for your company or organizations advertising campaign. Contact us for other suggestions to create a truly show and customer stopping banner.



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- Print Boss

Doug Clark